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​Family of
Fine Tuscan Wines 

The Antinori Family, one of the World’s oldest and most distinguished wine producers since the 14th
Century, celebrated its 615th anniversary as wine makers in the year 2000.  The Antinori family has
pioneered techniques in cloning, fermentation and aging that have enhanced wines from Tuscany and Umbria
while retaining their traditional characters. 

 The current company continues to live in Florence,
owning nine estates located within Tuscany, producing
wines such as Chianti Classico and Tignanello, famed for the first Super-Tuscan wine.  
​Peppoli, a young Chianti Classico
and Badia a Passignano, one of the most prestigious properties in Tuscany, which produces
a Chianti Classico Riserva.  

 The current company president, Marchese Piero Antinori has stated that, “age-old
roots play an important role in our philosophy, but have not served to inhibit our innovative spirit.”  
Today, the Antinori family continues to produce some of Italy’s finest wines............. 


Fattoria del Colle
Located inTuscany, 

It comprises of 336 hectares of which the main crop is cereal, between olive
groves and vineyards, it covers a surface of 26 hectares.  And also boasts five truffle preserves for
the production of white truffles.  The estate and the out buildings have been made into a country inn.  Tourists can delve into the history of this place dating back to the 13th Century by visiting the old tower, now
part of the structure.  The old bakery, the large kitchen with a fireplace big enough to walk inside it, and the
Osteria di Donatella.  

The chef's consist of housewives cooking the old dishes from this territory.  The dining room seats 50 and is adorned with
a floral decoration.  Visits include the
Brunello winery in Montalcino, the Abbey of Monte Oliveto Maggiore, where one
can take a lesson on learning about extra virgin olive oil including a tasting,
as well as tours of the vineyards.  Guests can
learn how to make pinci (local hand made pasta) and traditional breads.

The winery at Fattoria del Colle is on four floors, crossing along an underground
path, and the above loft where Vin Santo is aged.  The fermentation is all modern.  Stainless Steel vats, computerized panels – 
a world of technology where it is easy to understand how wine is made and where
it is possible to enjoy a breath taking view of the Crete Senesi and in the
distance Montalcino, Siena and Monte Amiata.


Fattorie di Donatella Cinelli Colombini

The Prime Donne Project born in 1997 where Donatella separated her Brunello production
from that of her family Cinelli Colombini. 

The story began when a wine maker was needed at the Enology School
in Siena.  She, Donatella, was told that in order to
have a good wine technician, one had to reserve HIM three years in advance. Two
days later after the same question was put in the feminine, she had an
immediate answer.   “There are as many women wine-makers as you want; 
they are in fact the best students, but nobody
takes them.”  

The following interviews with lady wine-makers showed up the deep rooted prejudices
and discriminations against women.  This
started the idea of the “Prime Donne” (first ladies) project as to enhance
women’s roles in the wine world.  The
first creation was a Brunello for women consumers. 
It is a fact that important wines in Italy
are chosen and bought by men.  Decisions
made were male; all the wine tasters in the “Gambero Rosso,” Italy’s most
widespread guide, in 1998 were men.  
To select the Prime Donne Brunello, a panel of women only was created.  They meet twice a year, 
choose the types of
wines, the duration of the aging and the barrels to be used.  



in 1999 “PRIME DONNE” became an award dedicated Montalcino and its wines.  Casato has a total surface area
of 50 hectares of which 16 are vineyards; and has “Prime Donne” added to its
names because the team working here is entirely female, the first female winery
in Italy.  

Proves that the production of great wines does not
depend on muscle or gender
but only on intelligence.……